The Wandering Chew | Jewish Food Experiences in Montreal
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The Wandering Chew

New Jewish food experiences in Montreal

What we do


We care about Jewish food, the culture that surrounds it, its preservation and modernization. Montreal has a diversity of Jewish communities whose food and culture deserve to be recognized. The Wandering Chew celebrates these communities through immersive food events.

About us


Sydney Warshaw comes from a long line of Jewish cooks. Her great-grandmother was one of the editors of the iconic Ashkenazi cookbook, A Treasure for My Daughter. Her favorite Jewish foods are chopped liver and her mother’s rugelach. When she isn’t cooking or eating, Sydney is a law student at McGill University. Her other interests include air fresheners, uniforms, and all waves of feminism.

Katherine Romanow studies Jewish food and wrote her Master’s thesis on the Mimouna and its food traditions in Montreal. She is a food writer who has written for various publications and she loves to read about food almost just as much as she likes to eat it. Her favourite Jewish foods are chopped liver and salade cuite.


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Join us on our Beyond the Bagel Walking Tour


Experience the rich and delicious Jewish food culture of Montreal’s Mile End and Plateau neighbourhoods by visiting decades-old food institutions alongside new businesses that are revitalizing the city’s food scene. We’ll also travel to backyards and alleyways to uncover this city’s hidden Jewish food history and taste nearly forgotten delicacies. And of course you’ll get to feast on the classics like smoked meat and bagels, so make sure to bring a healthy appetite!


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