A Unique Treat for Shavuot: A Montreal Cheese Bagel Cooking Class

For the uninitiated, the idea of a “Montreal Cheese Bagel” might evoke images of a hand-rolled Montreal bagel covered in cheese – rather than the usual sesame or poppy seeds. Despite its name, that is not what constitutes a Montreal Cheese Bagel – not to mention this would be a bagel abomination!

The Montreal Cheese Bagel we have grown up with and love is a sweet cheese-filled pastry only found in Jewish-style bakeries in Montreal. A flaky buttery dough surrounds sweet vanilla and lemon-scented farmers cheese filling. It’s shaped like a horseshoe, topped with coarse sugar (or not – it’s a bit of a hot topic around the city) and baked until golden brown. Served with sour cream (or yogurt) and fruit jam, they make for a uniquely delicious Shavuot treat.

At our next workshop, we’ll show you how to make these special Montreal pastries and an easy strawberry and sumac jam to serve alongside them. Join us and 18Doors on Wednesday, May 12th at 8 pm – 9:45 pm on Zoom. 

The event is pay-what-you-can, with a suggested amount of $18. Once you sign up, you will be sent the Zoom link to access the virtual workshop. The list of the ingredients you’ll need to cook along with us will be included in your confirmation email.

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