High Holiday Cooking: Yom Kippur Pre-Fast

September 26, 2017

The Wandering Chew hosted a cooking workshop where guests learned new recipes for their pre-fast & break-fast Yom Kippur table!

Jewish communities around the world have developed their own food traditions to begin and end the 25 hour Yom Kippur fast. These recipes go beyond the bagel & schmear or blintzes usually found on traditional North American Ashkenazi Yom Kippur tables.

In this workshop, participants learned how to cook two pre-fast dishes and two break-fast dishes from the food traditions of lesser known Jewish communities. We also talked about the meaning behind each of these dishes. All were vegetarian.

Once we were done cooking, we sat down to a meal together and enjoyed the fruits of our labour! Participants also leaft with the recipes so they can re-create the dishes at home.


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