Honey: Sweet Stories for the New Year

September 6, 2018

The Musée du Montréal juif – Museum of Jewish Montreal, The Wandering Chew, and partners were excited to host the second event of our new storytelling series, “Recettes et Récits / Stories of Sustenance.” Embracing the deep connections between food and storytelling, and highlighting at each event a different topic related to both, this second event centered on the theme of Honey, sharing sweet stories for the New Year.

Featured dishes were made with honey, reminded people of their “honey,” or brought sweetness into their lives, as well as stories that accompanied these foods, this event provided community members with the opportunity to share their special dishes and the stories behind them.
It was a wonderful evening of stories and noshing, and we came away with a satiated stomach and soul, as well as a booklet full of unique recipes.

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