Notes of Nostalgia: Recettes et Recits

April 19, 2018

The Musée du Montréal juif – Museum of Jewish Montreal and The Wandering Chew are excited to announce the launch of our new storytelling series, Recettes et Récits / Stories of Sustenance. Embracing the deep connections between food and storytelling, and highlighting at each event a different topic related to both, this first event will centre around the theme of nostalgia. Featuring a variety of dishes that elicit nostalgia for people, places, or times past, as well as the stories that accompany these foods, this event will provide a snapshot of the diverse foods and stories that make up Montreal’s Jewish community.

Join us on April 19 for an evening of stories and dish samples, and come away with a satiated stomach and soul, as well as a booklet full of unique recipes!


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