Viral Hamantaschen: The Flavours of Quarantine Cooking Demo with YidLife Crisis!

We hosted a hamantaschen workshop & Purim shpiel along with our friends from YidLife Crisis on February 25th, 2021!

From the very start of the pandemic, food trends took over our newsfeeds. From sourdough starter to shallot pasta to the Tik Tok tortilla hack, we haven’t been able to resist testing out all the quarantine food trends.

For our this workshop, we took inspiration from some of these trends and turned our favourite quarantine recipes into out-of-the-box hamantaschen flavours! We showed participants how to bake Banana Chocolate Hamantaschen (inspired by the many, many, many loaves of banana chocolate chip bread we made over the past 12 months) and Dalgona Coffee Hamantaschen (shout-out to the caffeine that’s gotten us through working – and parenting – during the pandemic!) We also shared our tips for making the perfect hamantaschen every time!

After we baked our hamantaschen, our friends Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion of YidLife Crisis joined us for a (hilarious) Purim shpiel.

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